“Until the 1950′s Cuba was the biggest coffee
exporter, known for strong but smooth high-end
beans, but production plunged after the
revolution. The Memorandum of Understanding was
signed yesterday in Havana … involves Cuba
Mountain investing about $4 million over
four years to help to fund the purchase of
equipment and other technical support to farmers.
Coffee supplied by Cuban farmers will be roasted
and packed in the Britain and shipped to
countries around the world, except for America,
which has a trade embargo on Cuban products.”


“Cuba now produces just 5,000 tonnes of coffee
a year «Only a small percentage of that is good
quality.» said Mr Oppenheim, who has a long
history of working with Cuba….the Cubans are
suspicious of foreigners. They remember the
Americans coming in and buying up all the sugar
plantations and don’t want that to happen again.
But this deal proves that Cuba is becoming an
exciting emerging market for entrepreneurs…
«The price point is about 20p 30p a cup» said Mr
Oppenheim «That’s much cheaper than Starbucks
- and much better quality.»”


“His investment in coffee tree nurseries, to
renovate plantations, and in the post-harvest pulping
process, «will improve the quality and the quantity of
the coffee produced.»”


“Foreign observers say European investment in
agriculture is meaningful, if started on a small
scale… To increase production and curb food imports,
the Cuban government encourages the opening of private
businesses, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Moraima
Céspedes told British businesspeople at the forum,
according to Prensa Latina.
«We are making progress in granting land to
producers, improving the productive base and in the
commercialization.» she said.”


“I’m salivating just thinking about Alma de Cuba
coffee. Strong, rich and fragrant are each an
understatement in terms of how awesome their blends
of fresh bean really are. If you’re a casual coffee
drinker, Alma de Cuba is enough to turn you into an
aficionado. You need this coffee in your life.”


“The tropical climate and trade-winds blowing in from
the Caribbean make for the perfect bean-growing
environment, and Alma de Cuba is the first company
exporting the premium beans worldwide.”


“Presented in beautifully designed tins and bags,
whose bold graphics channel the spirit of Cuban art
and evoke the soul of this remarkable country – as
well as the soul of the coffee itself.”


“It is most amazing, strong, smooth blend that you
have to taste to believe. I LOVE their Fuerte blend
which is expressive, rich and complex, just like its
Cuban heritage. I have to say it is one of my
favourite blends ever and will take pride of place in
my new office once it is painted and decked out!”


“A uniquely smooth but strong, rich and nectarous
coffee with a clean taste and medium body.”


“Once upon a time Cuba made the crème de la crème
coffee … Alma de Cuba is on a mission to repair that
and reintroduce the island’s prestige in coffee to
the rest of the world. They are working with Cuban
mountain coffee farmers and have supplied them with
the new tools they need to restore the country superior
crops.(…) Alma de Cuba is the first company exporting
the premier beans worldwide.”


“Through a carefully built partnership with the Cubans,
Alma de Cuba is working towards helping Cuba’s mountain
coffee farmers, providing $4m in support to provide
them with tools they need to help re-establish Cuba’s
coffee crops.
Alma de Cuba will obtain a steadily increasing supply
of top quality Cuban coffee for sale globally. It will
also develop micro-regional coffees to sell under
the Alma de Cuba brand and as green beans to
coffee roasters.
Alma de Cuba also breaks new ground by being the first
single origin coffee to be roasted, packed, and branded
for sale primarily through e-commerce. High-end coffees
such as Blue Mountain, are usually sold only as
green beans to specialist roasters.”


“The Cuban Mountain Coffee Company has announced it will
be launching Alma de Cuba. (it has recently launched its
e-commerce gourmet coffee brand) into the food service
sector at the end of January for selected high-end
hotels, coffee shops and restaurants, in the UK and
overseas. A uniquely smooth but strong, rich but
nectarous coffee with a clean taste and medium body.”


“Until the 1940′s, Cuban coffee plantations were famed
for producing some of the world’s finest coffee beans,
but production has since fallen into decline. Alma de
Cuba is hoping to revive the country coffee’s
reputation, with beans that are batch roasted in small
quantities and shipped to order.”


“The Cuban Mountain Coffee Company has launched Alma
de Cuba in the food service sector.
It aims to supply Cuba’s coffee farmers, who until the
1950′s were the world’s biggest coffee exporters,
with $4m in support and will also develop
micro-regional coffees.”


“If there’s one thing that helps put a spring in our
beloved’s step, than it has to be a good mug of Joe.
Grown in the rich, fertile soils of the mountains
overlooking the Caribbean this uniquely smooth but
strong, rich Cuban coffee is the perfect gift for the
caffeine connoisseur in your life. Carefully harvested
by the mountain farmers with un-gloved hands, the
precious cherries and then roasted in small batches for
ultimate freshness. The smell alone is heavenly.”


“A smooth and strong coffee with sharp undertones,
Alma de Cuba is an enlivened blend that contributes
something rare and unique to the omnipresent coffee
industry. The coffee is ideal as an espresso but works
best how Cubans take theirs – café con leche
– with milk.
Alma de Cuba is a strong coffee and if you want to
lessen the strength without taking away the taste, do
as Cuban Americans do and add a touch of hot condensed
milk which gives a slightly sweet and creamy edge to an
already perfectly smooth cup of coffee.
The quality does not stop at the coffee for this new
gourmet coffee brand. Alma de Cuba comes packaged
in striking designed tins and bags, featuring bold
graphics reminiscent of Cuban folk art, which along
with the coffee captures the Alma de Cuba, which
means ‘soul of Cuba’.”


“We recently moved to drinking Decaff coffee
(due to migraines – don’t ask!), so when I have a
real cup of coffee, it really has to be a good one
and Alma de Cuba Coffee is just that – some of
the best coffee in the world.”


This is Alma de Cuba, one of a handful of new
companies working directly with Cuban coffee
farmers to bring their product to the UK.
It arrived in a rather smart tin, although
if – like me – you already have seven or eight
other coffee containers, they also sell it
in more conventional bags!
The grounds are medium-dark roasted, and
have a relatively light aroma; gently sweet
and slightly acidic lime, with a hint of darkest
chocolate dancing underneath along with the
barest suggestion of unrefined sugar.
Brewed, the citrus aroma is still evident
but a richer, more roasted character
starts to shine through as well.
In the mouth, there’s a little brown sugar
sweetness and a warm, gently fruity character
with very little bitterness in evidence. Over
time, a more acidic tone comes through,
leading to a surprisingly dry finish.
Overall, it’s a delicious, easy drinking
coffee; more after-dinner than everyday for
me. It’s available direct from Alma de Cuba
from £7 for a standard 225g pack; because of
the slightly high price, I give it 3.5 stars.