If you have a question about Alma de Cuba,
you might well find the answer below. If not, please GET IN TOUCH.


How can I change my delivery address?
Simply log in to your account and edit your shipping or billing address.


Where will my personal message go?
We’ll print your message on the back of your address label.

Do you deliver internationally?
Yes, we ship our coffee all over the world using Royal Mail International, Parcelforce or Yodel. Please take note, there are a few countries that will not accept deliveries of Cuban coffee, these include the United States of America and North Korea. Due to political circumstances we are unable to send our coffee to addresses in these locations but we hope for a change to these circumstances in future so that the whole world can experience the great taste and quality of authentic Cuban coffee.

How will my coffee be packaged?
We want your coffee to arrive in perfect condition, so we’ve put a lot of effort into getting the packaging just right. Our 250g packs of ground or whole bean coffee are valve packed and then carefully sealed into a gift tin. Our 1kg bags of whole bean coffee are valve packed. These are then nestled in a special cardboard outer which helps protect them during their journey.
Can I have my Alma de Cuba present sent to arrive on the same day?
Unfortunately we’re not able to offer same day delivery through our website. Deliveries usually take around two working days within the UK, if ordered by midday – or around two to four days within Europe and three to six days in the rest of the world. We hope to introduce faster delivery options before long.
Where is my coffee?
In general, delivery times are up to two working days within the UK for orders received before midday, two to four working days within Europe and four to six working days in the rest of the world
However, deliveries can sometimes take longer, especially as we batch roast our coffee for freshness. Unfortunately, we’re not able to take responsibility for any delays on the part of the carriers. But if there are any problems, we’ll do our best to let you know as soon as we can. Some deliveries are tracked depending on where you are and the size of your order – you will be advised when you order if tracking details are available. If after a reasonable period you still haven’t received your coffee, please email us on coffee@almacuba.com and we’ll happily offer you a refund or send your parcel out again, it’s completely up to you. Any problems or questions, please email us on coffee@almacuba.com.
Will the recipient have to sign for their coffee?
Because we deliver our coffee to almost every country in the world, it depends on where you live and the size of your order. Some deliveries, especially larger ones and carriers in some parts of the world will require a signature. Orders over 5kg and £80/$125/eur100 in value will almost always require a signature. However, in many cases you will be able to specify where your parcel can be left if you are not at home.
Next day delivery?
Not at the moment – sorry. The fastest delivery is two days within most parts of the UK – Northern Island, the Channel Isles and the Scottish Isles may take a little longer. Deliveries to Europe usually take two to four days and to the rest of the world up to six days.
How much does delivery cost?
- All deliveries of £80/$125/€100 or more – free of charge
- A single 250gm tin of Alma de Cuba coffee or a single tin of 35 capsules to EU/EEA and rest of the world – maximum delivery charge of €10.00.
- A single 1 kilo bag of Alma de Cuba coffee to EU/EEA and rest of the world – delivery charge of €10.00

All subscriptions anywhere in the world – delivery free of charge.

UK deliveries subject to a charge of £2.80-2nd Class Delivery or £4.80- 1st Class Delivery for any order under £30.00.

Tracking and signing

Smaller parcels under 2kg will all be un-tracked and require no signature.
Parcels between 2kg and 5kg will almost always be tracked at no extra cost and will sometimes also need to be be signed-for depending on which country you live in.
Parcels over 5kg will in almost all circumstances be tracked and will generally have to be signed for at no extra cost, though some carriers will allow you to specify a safe place where your coffee can be left.

What happens if I’m not there when the delivery driver comes?
In most cases, you can ask for your coffee to be left in a safe place, or with neighbours. However, in some countries and for larger deliveries, this isn’t possible. In these cases, if you are out the delivery company will leave a card to arrange a re-delivery or collection – the policy varies from country to country but if you have a problem, please contact us at coffee@almacuba.com.

I received the wrong product, what shall I do?
Please email the details to us at coffee@almacuba.com - quote the order number if you can and we’ll get back to you.

Returns are only accepted for goods that arrive damaged or are sent in error. If you find your order damaged or you have received the wrong product please contact us immediately. Depending on the condition, we will offer to re-send the items or exchange them. As our coffee is considered a perishable good we’re afraid we’re not able to offer refunds in any other circumstances.

How long will my coffee be fresh for?

If you store your coffee in the best conditions, it will keep for many months and even up to a year. But the quality of coffee does begin to deteriorate shortly after it is roasted, even if it is valve or vac-packed, so we would generally recommend drinking your delicious Alma de Cuba coffee within a month to ensure optimal freshness. Store your coffee in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. Try not to store your coffee in a refrigerator unless you live in a hot place and you do not have any alternative.

What’s the roast?

Our Alma de Cuba coffee beans are so special that we wouldn’t dream of over-roasting them – very high roasts tend to destroy delicate flavours. Our gourmet roast is set to a medium roast, which makes them ideal for a variety of different brewing equipment  including: cafetieres, espresso machines, bean-to-cup machines, percolators or simple coffee filters. Our espresso roast is set to a medium-high roast to compliment its use in industrial and home espresso machines. It is suitable for all of the brewing equipment mentioned above if you prefer a roast that is slightly darker.


What’s the grind?

We use an omni-grind for our Alma de Cuba gourmet roasted coffee beans – this is a medium grind which suits most coffee machines or brewing methods and is available in 225g bags or 250g tin. For espresso machines,  we recommend grinding the coffee fresh while pulling shots but if you are a real espresso fan and do not have the grinding equipment, our espresso roast is ground fine to accommodate, which is available in 225g bags.


Can I make espresso with Alma de Cuba coffee?
Yes. Both of our roasts are suitable for making espresso, however we do recommend using our espresso roast for industrial and home espresso machines due to the roast being set a bit higher for optimal flavour extraction. Our ground espresso is set to a fine grind to accommodate most home and industrial machines but for the best results we suggest that you choose our whole bean option for either roast and finely grind fresh before pulling shots - please email us at coffee@almacuba.com if you have any questions.
Should I buy beans or ground?
If you have a really good coffee grinder, we would recommend beans.
Can I get Alma de Cuba coffee wholesale for my coffee shop, store or restaurant?
We’d love to supply you with our lovely coffee. Just email us at coffee@almacuba.com giving some details about yourself, how much coffee you want and we’ll get back to you.


How do they work?
Make your own selection – you can choose from a – three, six or, twelve month subscription or you can choose the best value option of the lot – a rolling monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time. And you can choose either a 250gm tin of ground coffee, whole bean coffee or Nespresso-compatible capsules (coming soon) – or a 225gm bag of ground or whole bean coffee or a 1 kilo bag of whole coffee beans. You will receive one pack of whatever you have chosen each month for the period you have selected. Best of all, delivery is free in all cases, anywhere in the world we deliver to!
The rolling monthly subscription costs for any Alma de Cuba gourmet 225g pack (ground or whole bean) are:
£6.00/$9.50/€7.50 per month with a minimum of three months.
The costs for any Alma de Cuba gourmet 225g pack(ground or whole bean) are:
3 months -£16.50/$26.40/€19.50 – total three packs
6 months – £31.50/$51.00/€37.50 – total six packs
12 months – £60.00/$96.00/€72.00 – total 12 packs
The rolling monthly subscription costs for any Alma de Cuba gourmet 250g tin are: £15/$22.50/€18 per month with a minimum period of three months.
The costs for any Alma de Cuba gourmet 250g tin option (ground, whole bean or Nespresso-compatible capsules – coming soon) are:

3 months – £50/$75/€60 – total three tins

6 months – £95/$145/€115 – total six tins

12 months – £180/$270/€215 – total 12 tins

The rolling monthly subscription costs for gourmet 1 kilo bags are: £30/$45/€36 per month with a minimum period of three months.

The costs for our gourmet 1 kilo bags of beans are (whole bean only) :

3 months – £90/$140/€110 – total three bags

6 months – £170/$260/€210 – total six bags

12 months – £300/$450/€360 – total 12 bags

The rolling monthly subscription costs for any Alma de Cuba espresso 225g pack
are: £4.50/$7.25/€5.50 per month with a minimum period of three months.

The costs for any of our espresso 225g packs (includes ground or whole bean) are:

3 months- £12.75/$21.00/€15.00- total three packs

6 months- £24.00/$39.00/€28.50- total six packs

12 months- £45/$72.00/€54.00- total 12 packs

The rolling monthly subscription costs for Alma de Cuba espresso 1 kilo bags (whole bean only) are: £13.00/$21.00/€16.00 per month.

The costs for Alma de Cuba espresso 1 kilo bags(whole bean only) are:

3 months- £38.25/$60.00/€45.00- total 3 bags

6 months- £75.00/$114.00/€87.00- total 6 bags

12 months- £144.00/$216.00/€171.00- total 12 bags
**If you choose to subscribe for a set period of time – three, six or 12 months – we will bill you in advance for the whole period
But you will also be able to manage your account online and delay a delivery if you are going to be away, or have it delivered to someone else as a present.
**If you choose a rolling monthly subscription, we will bill you for the first three months after which you can cancel at any time. You can manage your own account online, which means you can:
- Change the delivery date (in case you’re on holiday when your coffee is due)
- Change the address – so you could give one month’s coffee to someone else if it’s their birthday. We’re very flexible.
- You pay by debit or credit card each month – the details are kept by Sagepay
- Whilst you’re an active member, ALL of your delivery costs are free
- You can suspend your account at any time after the initial three month period, but remember that free delivery only applies to active members
- We also frequently throw in little freebie extras. It might be a new coffee product such as a Cuban micro-regional coffee or a new roast
- And if you have any questions, just email us at coffee@almacuba.com and we’ll get right back to you.

We regularly run competitions which are open to anyone, anywhere in the word, subject to the terms and conditions which may include age restrictions – you should always check whether the country you live in allows you to participate in competitions. Our special offers are designed for independent use and are not available in conjunction with any other offer.